Hydrating Facial Gel



A gentle hydrating gel to apply after using the purifying mask and Toning spray.

Filled with gentle Vegetable Glycerine, it gently hydrates, draws oxygen down to the deeper levels and leaves the skin soft and glowing. It has the added pure essential oils of Geranium to balance the oils in the skin and Lemon Myrtle to actively keep skin healthy and keep bacterial infections away. Hypo-allergenic. Designed for daily use and to leave on the skin.

Skin Type:

Oily, Acne-prone, Congested Skin. This is a soothing, moisturising leave on Gel for oily and breakout skin. It is used as an alternative /replacement for a creamy moisturiser. To be applied and left on face, avoiding the eyes and hairline.

Key Ingredients:

*Geranium pure essential oil -balances the oils produced by the sebaceous glands *Vegetable glycerine - draws oxygen to deeper skin layers, moisturizes skin without clogging pores *Lemon myrtle pure essential oil-antiseptic properties to clean oily infected skin and acne.