Aromanurture Purifying Facial Range.

Aromanurture Purifying Facial Range.

This range includes a Cleansing Gel, Purifying Mask,Toning Spray and a moisturising gel. No synthetic or animal materials in these products.

Facial Hydrating Product Range:Cream cleanser,Hydrating Mask, Hydrating Spray,Deluxe Moisturiser.Perfect for combination and dry skin.

Facial Hydrating Product Range:Cream cleanser,Hydrating Mask, Hydrating Spray,Deluxe Moisturiser.Perfect for combination and dry skin.

This range includes a Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Mask, A Hydrating Spray and a Deluxe Moisturising Cream. All products have no artificial or animal raw materials.


  • Rose Cream...

    Rose Cream is hydrating, nurturing and soothing for tired dehydrated and irritated skins.It is very useful in the treatment of brokren capillaries and for Acne rosacea.Filled with the pure essential oil of Rosa damascena.

About Us

Aromanurture is all about caring for and treating people with the amazing healing powers and properties of pure essential oils. Essential oils distilled from plants and parts thereof can treat hundreds of diseases and ailments, with no harmful side effects.

At Aromanurture, there are many different remedies available, using a variety of products and raw plant materials. My range of products currently consists of: Massage Oils, Essential Oils, Essential Oil blends, Aromatherapy Sprays, Aromatherapy Face and Hand creams, Lip Balms, Body Moisturisers, Aromatherapy Shampoos and Body Washes and a Facial skin care range including Cleansers, Masks, Toners and Moisturisers. There is something for everyone, for your body, mind and spirit.

I, Susie Neal, the Executive Director of Aromanurture, have a Diploma Of Aromatherapy and A Diploma of Remedial Massage. My background is in nursing as a Division One Nurse and a Midwife. My Philosophy: I believe in using only the highest quality essential oils and high quality gels, vegetable and nut oils, and other raw plant materials. Everything I use in the manufacture of my products is pure, natural and derived from plants. I believe in caring for and healing people in a safe and holistic way.

Please enjoy perusing through my website. I trust there will be something to help you. If you cannot find something you are looking for, then feel free to contact me by email or mobile. I am happy to make personalised blends in any one of my product ranges.

Contact me at susan@aromanurture.com.au if you would like any information about my Aromatherapy products.


Aromanurture Videos are made by George Papas of George Papas Media.

Contact George at www.georgepapas.com  if you would like a video for your own website.



Photographs for Aromanurture have been supplied by myself,Susie Neal and edited by Joshua Neal-Kent.

Further professional photographs have been supplied by Juliet Sira of Juliet Sira photography.(Lip balm photos) Juliet can be contacted on julietsira@gmail.com

Juliet incorporates nature into her photographs in a lovely artistic manner.

Hayley Johnson is another very talented photographer who photographed the gift packs and face/body scrubs. Hayley specialises in natural light photography.

Hayley can be contacted through her website: www.hayleyjohnson.com.au

Further photographic images were created and supplied by the very talented Jennifer Moyle. Jennifer also incorporates nature into her work in a unique fashion.

Jennifer can be contacted at www.jennifermoylephotography.com.au


Yours in Health and Happiness, Susie Neal.

Aromanurture:Pure Plant Medicine

Aromanurture:Pure Plant Medicine

All products hand made with love!


Are Aromanurture products natural?..yes and 100% plant based.

The base for all Aromanurture creams is made from the following ingredients;Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Macadamia Oil, Pure Water, Coconut Oil,Vegetable emulsifying wax, Vegetable Glycerin.The preservative is Grapefruit Seed Extract and the Anti-oxidant is Rosemary based.

What is the shelf life of Aromanurture creams?

The shelf life of Aromanurture creams is 18 months. Most customers find that they run out of their cream well before 12 months however. These creams are suitable for faces and hands, as the base is super soft and the essential oils added are very pure and of very high therapeutic quality.

What are Aromanurture Sprays used for?

Aromanurture Sprays can be used for a variety of puroses. Some are very feminine perfumes..."Flowers Of Love" Spray and "Floral Perfume" . The "Mystique Spray" is very alluring ,soft and uplifting all at the same time. Other sprays include Insect repellant -the "Don't Bug Me" . Others are for relaxing, grounding and even to help you study..the "Focus and Clarity " spray.

What is the Room Clearing Spray all about?

The Room Clearing Spray is to use in spaces that you wish to meditate in, and perform massages and treatments and Reiki on clients. Sometimes there is a negatve or a heavy energy in a room, and this spray is an ideal way to clear negative energies away. It is filed with Frankincense, Geranium and Sage essential oils. It grounds and clears energies simultaneousl.

Are Aromanurture's essential oils pure?

Yes! All of the essential oils used in Aromanurture products are 100% pure essential oils of high therapeutic grade.

When and where do I use my body scrubs?

The best place to use your body scrub is in the shower just prior to showerng.Apply them on your dry skin and apply in strokes towards your heart...so start at your ankles and work towards your thighs, and start at your hands and work toward your shoulders :-)

  • Neroli and chamomile is for ultrasensitive skin.Treats acne rosacea and mends broken capillaries .
  • Purifying facial range for oily, congested skin.Treats blackheads and pimples.
  • Hydrating facial range.For tired, dehydrated and saggy skin.Softens and oxygenates skin.Restores tone to dull lack lustre skin.
  • The perfect cream for anyone who has trouble staying asleep the whole night.Myrhh and Marjoram induce a deep sleep , whilst Lavender, Mandarin and chamomile keep the body relaxed.
  • This lush combination will excite and soothe your senses! Serenity massage oil to calm, Exotic spray to enhance sensuality and Rejuvenate Body Lotion to moisturise and enliven your mood.
  • The cream of choice for eczema or psoriasis .Contains 22 matural ingredients to help fight and treat these itchy dry irritating skin conditions.Packed full of nutrients to soothe and heal.

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