Pure essential oil of SweetOrange(Citrus sinensis) 10mls



Pure essential oil of Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) is very uplifting and harmonising.

Aroma:Zesty and refreshing.

Nervous/psychological benefits include:

Eases the stress of children, eases insomnia, reduces tension, reduces boredom, eases jitteriness and nervousness. It is an adrenal stimulator and it increases energy, while energising and harmonising your energy.


Sweet Orange helps to regulate hormones,reduces postnatal depression and reduces the symptoms of menopause.

For the Integumentary system(skin/nails/hair)

Sweet orange treats gingivitis, mouth ulcers, improves the texture of skin which is dull and congested, treats acne, excess oil production and reduces cellulite.

Respiratory benefits;

Sweet Orange oil alleviates Bronchitis, Colds, fever and chills.


Sweet orange oil treats ricketty bones

Immune system

Treats colds, flu

Digestive benefits;Stimulates bile production and digestion of fats, stimulates gallbladder functoning, settles a nrevous stomach,constipation,indigestion and intestinal spasm.


Sweet Orange is an adrenal stimulant.